Laura Smith was born June 21, 1980 in San Dimas, California and raised in nearby Alta Loma. In 1992, Laura’s mom was hit head on by an uninsured drunk driver. The same year, she moved to Mariposa, California. She began working at fourteen, two jobs throughout high school, and graduated from Mariposa County High School. Laura spontaneously moved to Acworth, Georgia in 1999 and returned to her home of California in 2002.

In 2003 Laura began attending college, earned five professional degrees in Business and currently is working towards a Law degree. Her educational background is expansive relating to business operations and has worked in industries of manufacturing, aerospace, accounting, automotive, retail, and hospitality. Laura has always been passionate about and driven by proactive endeavors in legal and political subject matters.

In 2008, Laura undertook the political struggle behind the scenes aggressively by actively uniting her community both locally and statewide. Laura holds a deep respect for those who serve selflessly and ethically as police officers, firefighters, military, medical, and other true public servants. Laura attended numerous city council meetings in various cities in southern California to speak out against corruption and disregard for the will of the people. People in Laura’s community recognized her with an award, “The Meritorious Service Award,” in 2010 for her tenacious community engagement.

In 2014 Laura led a successful campaign fight against a strip club owner who attempted to impose a measure on her community, which would have caused great harm to the children within the community. Laura brought into attendance many people and organizations she knew to support her battle at the city council meetings, persuaded the city council to place the measure on the ballot for the 2016 general election, and spent the next two years informing her community of the imminent harm to their children and city by the ballot measure. The destructive measure was defeated by 65% of the residents, giving Laura an overwhelming win as a result. The same community passed another measure in 2016 to solidify their ballot decision on the issue.

Recognizing the dire conditions of the people of California, Laura continues her political fight on behalf of the people of California by running for Governor. Laura’s Campaign paperwork was successfully filed with the Secretary of State as a candidate for Governor in 2022. Accompanied by a team of dedicated unpaid volunteers, Laura and her Campaign are committed to purge the corruption of the political regime polluting and destroying the people’s way of life in California.