Crime naturally diminishes when corrupt politicians are held accountable for criminal activity and when already enacted laws are enforced. California is saturated with crime and criminals are rampant in its society, causing irreversible damage to law-abiding citizens. Bribery, illegal favors, money-laundering, or embezzlement of the taxpayers’ money will not be tolerated. Embezzlement of taxpayer funds is a crime to be investigated and funds must be returned to the taxpayers. Consequences equal to the degree of the crime committed must be enforced and law and order restored to the citizens of California.

Human Trafficking is a huge, decades-old crime crisis and has not been given proper attention until recent years. It is a crime which includes forced hard labor. Children and young adults are used morbidly and horrifically for the satiation of drug cartels, prostitution rings, and criminally deranged. Human Trafficking, the harshest form of modern day slavery, affects people from all backgrounds and socio-economic classes. It is time for a wide-sweeping elimination of the utterly despicable and demoralizing Human Trafficking crime.

Crimes of voter fraud will be investigated, while revocation of the unconstitutional and illegal automatic voter registration through drivers’ licenses will be enforced; not all California drivers’ license holders are citizens of the U.S. and it is commonly understood that only U.S. citizens specifically have the legal right to vote in the U.S. Handling voters’ sensitive data information during the investigation will be conducted with the utmost care. Protecting citizens’ privacy and safeguarding the peoples’ personal information is crucial.