California’s education system requires immediate revamping of its operations, including incorporating a respectable education for our youth from Pre–K through 12th grades. Foundational subjects of math, balanced and truthful science, English, reading comprehension, music, arts, and ROP trades must be geared towards full pre-occupational readiness in real-world private sector industries.

Our children must grow to enter the workforce as valuably skilled and maturely capable of engaging as responsible adults by the age of 18. They may then choose to embark upon a higher education in engineering, technology, or other specialized fields. Furthermore, our educational instructors who truly have our children’s best interest at heart have been neglected in recognition and support.

When I went to Pre–K through 6th grade, my teachers always had the finances for the necessary basic supplies and special projects. Never were my parents required to shell out money during those years to pay for paper, pencils, erasers, staplers, staples, art supplies, etc. Today, corrupt politicians of California have stolen the money to pay “administrative” costs, better known as unjustified, super–inflated salaries for top education administrative officials. The corrupt government of California has continually manipulated, deceived, and stolen from the already struggling parents, genuine educators, and property owners who are barely making ends meet to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

Universities and other colleges on public taxpayer funds need to be investigated for misappropriation of the taxpayers’ taxes. College students have accumulated insurmountable debt through school loans and are charged numerous fees for services they do not need or receive, yet our incompetent government claims there is no money for the schools. Again, our education system and the politicians’ management of these institutions must be investigated for fraud and serious repercussions administered for violations.