Government Corruption

Government corruption within the moral fibers of California’s public service sector has resulted in the deterioration of the people’s confidence in their elected representatives. Government officials – officeholders – are to serve at the will and pleasure of the people; hence the “Public Servant” attribution. Term limits must be imposed for all office-holding representatives. Public servants must also be required to accept the same healthcare imposed upon the people. If elected Governor, I will also work to scale back elected representatives’ pay significantly to reflect ethical compensation for public service.

Scaling back elected representatives’ pay significantly will provide a substantial portion of taxpayers’ funds to be available for responsible application of funds necessary for uses such as our roads, highways, freeways, dams, and reservoirs. This segment of infrastructure will be repaired with funds taxpayers have already paid – there will be no new taxes. The most essential priorities (real and actual needs) will only be funded at the will of the people through a majority vote. Citizens pay taxes for proper and respectable representation as required of our Public Servants in the U.S. Constitution.

Government corruption has assaulted the peoples’ Constitutional rights guaranteed to the citizens by the 2nd Amendment of their “right to keep and bear arms”. If elected your Governor, I not only support your right to keep and bear arms, I will revoke unconstitutional laws assaulting your gun ownership rights and veto any legislation of the same effect. Law–abiding citizens understand the value to protect their families, person, and property against criminals – the key to ensuring crime is well–hindered.