Homelessness in California has been an ongoing issue for decades, but has recently skyrocketed out of control as an influx of homeless persons from all other states pour into California for free money, food, and housing given to these who refuse to work and pay their fair share. Decisions of inept politicians have created the return of previously eradicated plagues. Unsanitary conditions pose a serious threat to the neighboring working communities, causing unsafe environments for law–abiding citizens. People should not be living in tents under bridges or along freeways, nor urinating and defecating in open surroundings in massive quantities. These actions cause serious health hazards not only for the homeless, but also for communities contributing to society productively.

On the other side of this issue there are those who devastation has befallen them on varying levels and for various reasons, but these are those who desire to work to get back on their feet as contributing members of society. Their dignity must be respected as they receive short–term assistance compensated through them working for their benefits of housing and job placement assistance. They need a place out of the weathering elements, food and water to maintain their energy, and proper clothes. An employment assistance program coordinated with local businesses willing to provide skills training and trade industry education would allow for people to gain an independent living to provide for themselves once again. As Governor, I will help those who desire to do right by becoming productive members of California, and will clean up the cities statewide to ensure California is not a foul stench to the nasal faculties, by providing a sanitary place for Californians to live, work, and play enjoyably and affordably.