Waterways in California are our most precious resource. All water sources must be protected from career and corrupt politicians who have an insatiable greed to control people from its proper and rightful use. These water resources are used to produce agricultural crops which feed not only the people in our state, but also nationally and world-wide. California’s water supply was tested recently to show substantially dangerous amounts of 16 carcinogenic chemicals. This is absolutely unacceptable, proving decades–long corrupt and career politicians are incapable of responsibly managing the precious resources of our state. Water facilities throughout California must be upgraded to ensure proper water treatment is conducted.

Corruption by officials in Sacramento has led to the war on our farmers who provide Californians with its essential food supply. Corrupt and career politicians attack our farmers with excessive water restrictions and exorbitant financial burden, causing massive destruction to the agricultural industry and loss of jobs provided by these farmers. The impact trickles down to farmers’ livestock supply and results in then being required to purchase food and livestock sources outside California. Our state from top to bottom retains the richest resources to supply most the world’s dietary provisions. California must be the first economy in the world with its capacity to produce a world-class economy.

Heavy water restrictions and mismanagement allows for unjust financial gain by corrupt and career politicians who seek to make a fortune off land currently desolate in California, until such time in the future when the property is cultivated back into an astronomical, financially prosperous endeavor – also known as the Delta Tunnels project. Our resources must be wrestled back from the greedy politicians.