Jobs in the private sector are crucial to maintaining economic stability. Small businesses are already struggling to make ends meet; government overregulation must be rescinded. Small businesses are the heart of providing the financial arteries to the jobs for Californians – not government. Unnecessary regulations are suffocating small businesses and leading to financial hardships of the working and middle classes. Resuscitation for job growth, sustainability, and creation is an urgent priority as numerous businesses and entrepreneurs have left California for the basic ability to provide a decent living for their families.

Government regulation kills the working, middle class, and aspirations of financial independence, leading to even higher unemployment rates because job providers through these businesses are forced to relocate out of California. Job–killing legislation is not compatible with a healthy, strong investment and job creation economy. It is my priority to restore California’s economy with a number of cost–effective, energy–saving projects.

Investing in practical and responsible projects within the state of California will promote the growth of California’s economy. Investments begin with our own citizens. Citizens must be encouraged to lead the way in valuable investments for Californians, not government officials who seek to gain astronomical financial gains off the coat tails of hard–working people. Business development and expansion of projects and services must be managed by responsible officials. Numerous regulatory programs enacted by career and corrupt politicians were done behind closed doors to secure their own government monopolies. These actions are strangling small business owners.